Thursday, February 21, 2013

Illuminations, by Mary Sharratt

Who knew that so much as been written about Hildegard von Bingen?  I probably would have been better served by a non-fiction biography, as Sharratt's flights of fancy made me mistrust the overarching truth of the novel.  Basic facts, such as whether Jutta was a total nut job and whether the two were walled in as anchorites when Hildegard was eight, seem to be in question.  The emotional portrait is a little iffy too.


  1. So, overall you're saying "no" to this one. Should we put all the nonfic on her on your Christmas List?

  2. Look elsewhere for Christmas shopping hints. I read and skimmed quite a few articles on Hildegard and Jutta, enough to get a sense of why Hildegard remains of such interest. For me, Sharratt was a no, but lots of people had positive things to say about this book on Amazon and Goodreads.