Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ghost on Black Mountain, by Ann Hite

There are lots of ghosts on Black Mountain, and they communicate with and influence all five of the women whose stories comprise this book:  Nellie Clay who had the bad fortune to marry the evil Hobbs Pritchard; Josie Clay, Nellie's mother, who warned her away from Hobbs; Shelly Parker, who befriended and worked for Nellie; Rose Gardner, Hobbs's lover and obsession; and Iona Harbor, whose mother is keeping a secret.  It's pretty well done, atmospheric and unpredictable.

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  1. I raced through this, wanting to find out what happens next. I liked Nellie and her voice, especially in the first part of the book. Hite made Nellie so real to me that it seemed there was only one solution to her situation, when, of course there were other options. Great storytelling. Can't wait to read Hite's next book!