Monday, November 19, 2012

A Fatal Winter, by G. M. Malliet

The curse of the 2nd published book was visited upon this overly complicated mystery.  Is the deadline for getting book #2 to the publisher too tight for authors to do the required work to replicate the successes of their first outing?  Here there are too many characters, too many motives, too little work on the characterizations and writing.  Big sloppy bandaids to help readers follow.  Max Tudor remains an engaging character.  The solution to the mystery improbable but clever.

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  1. This did have too many characters and motives, but you have to admit that she did play fair with her readers and did provide the clues in an Agatha Christie-ish sneaky kind of way. It did go on one chapter too many, though.I do like Max quite a bit, the handsome clever man.