Friday, May 4, 2012

Between, Georgia, by Joshilyn Jackson

A lovely book about family, letting go, and holding on.  Three generations wreak havoc in a small Georgia town.  The oldest generation consists of three sisters, Bernese, Stacia, and Genny Frett, and their other side of the tracks nemesis, Ona Crabtree.  In the middle generation is Nonny Jane Frett, who though raised by Stacia, is actually the granddaughter of Ona and the source of the families' ongoing feud.  Five-year-old Fischer, Bernese's granddaughter, represents the youngest generation.  Though Nonny Jane is the center of the novel, Stacia is its most compelling character.  A sufferer of Usher's Syndrome, Stacia leads a creative, rich and courageous life even after the disease has robbed her of her vision, just as it caused her to be born deaf.  Jackson read the book and did an amazing job.

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