Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Fallen, by Jassy Mackenzie

Mackenzie has written another amazing book.  Jade de Jong and David Patel are vacationing badly at a beautiful beach resort when they become involved in a murder and environmental sabotage, and Jade discovers a mystery she was never even aware of about her mother's death.  Naisha, Patel's wife is not very nice, and Robbie, Jade's former partner in questionable activities is pretty intriguing. Mackenzie tells some new things about South Africa: Johannesburg does not define South Africa; South Africans help people in need without pause in a way that wouldn't often happen in the US these days; race sits openly, bluntly on the table at all times; and in all of Africa, incredible natural beauty sits side by side with the potential for swift, inexplicable, brutal death.

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