Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Your Friendly Neighborhood Criminal, by Michael Van Rooy

Montgomery Haaviko is such a guilty pleasure.  His banter with his wife Claire is very clever, his role as babysitter for a handful of neighborhood toddlers is endearing, his unbridled willingness to bring all guns (as well as fire hoses, arrows, box cutters, booby traps, etc.) to bear on anyone threatening his family or neighborhood is chilling.  His efforts to go straight-ish are entertaining and a bit heroic.  In this, Van Rooy's second book, Monty takes a job building an underground railroad for smuggling people into and out of Canada for the good guys.  Unfortunately, the railroad is seen as a perfect smuggling route for the bad guys who decide to take it over.  Monty takes care of the bad guys in a thorough and violent way.  Van Rooy died in January 2011. 

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