Friday, August 19, 2011

An American Heiress, by Daisy Goodwin

I think I'm correct in calling this a Regency romance.  It has a bit more heft than Georgette Heyer, but not as much sparkle.  The story is an old standard:  A young heiress, this time an American, falls madly in love with a dark and brooding Duke, and must uncover the tragic secrets of his past before they can find happiness.  The heiress, Cora Cash, is a dimwit, always trusting the wrong people, making the wrong steps, choosing the wrong battles, and being hopelessly confused about why her husband in particular is angry with her.  Duke Ivo isn't an especially nice guy, but the two have strong chemistry.  There's a downstairs component circling around Cora's African-American ladies' maid, Bertha, who is as much a fish out of water as her mistress.  The audio version has a brief interview with Daisy Goodwin, sister of Jason, in which she extols the virtues of audio books.  I had thought that Katherine Kellgren had done a good job reading, but when Goodwin talked about the abundant humor in the book, I wondered if Kellgren had somehow read it out.

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