Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wyatt, by Garry Disher

An entertaining crime thriller featuring Wyatt Wareen, an Australian thief who goes after high-end scores with forethought, casualness and, intermittently, violence. Disher presents an underworld where some thieves have honor and some thieves don't, and those who don't behave honorably invariably end up dead.  There's quite a bit of humor; Khandi Kaine and Tyler Gadd were particularly entertaining characters.  The plot involves millions in bearer bonds which are stolen from a courier at the beginning of the book, and go from hand to hand throughout the book.  Lots of bodies and an equal number of burned out cars.  Looks like I'll have to use ILL to read the others in the series. 


  1. Thanks for leading me to Disher. Enjoyed Wyatt, and am now working my way through the Hal Challis series! Appreciate the blog immensely!

    1. Disher is great. I'll have to try to Hal Challis series next.