Sunday, August 21, 2011

An Ordinary Decent Criminal, by Michael Van Rooy

This is the book that introduced ex-criminal Monty Haaviko and his wife Claire, and Monty's efforts to turn away from his criminal and drug addicted past -- a little.  He's shown getting his first-ever non-felonious job, and making and abiding by the conscious choice to turn away from drugs, alcohol, and crime every single day. After a home invasion attempt, during which Monty kills the invaders, he becomes the moving target of the police, the gang boss who sent the home invaders, and his neighbors.  The book offers a crash course in booby trapping one's back yard, creating a lock pick from an electric toothbrush, and making the most revolting sounding barbeque sauce in the world.  Fast, entertaining, and a bit creepy.  There's a movie by the same name, but not based on the book.

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