Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Plugged, by Eoin Colfer

This is a comic crime novel, set in the underworld of Cloisters, NJ.  There are many mysteries to be solved by hero, ex-soldier Daniel McEvoy:   who killed Connie, the hostess at Slotz, the dive where Daniel is the doorman?  why did the stranger try to kill Dan and what was he looking for in Dr. Zeb Kronski's office? what happened to Dr. Zeb? why did Det. Ronnie Deacon's partner try to kill her?  Definitely some funny bits, a few involving Ghost Zeb who takes up residence in Daniel's head.  Lots of backstory on McEvoy's time in the army and time on the shrink's couch. It amused me when Coifer would create an ending, then start the book up again to present the solution to the next mystery in line, end again, then start up again.  Keating had better control of his accents here.

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