Friday, July 22, 2011

Iron House, by John Hart

John Hart has a very specific voice.  I'm not sure he could be confused with anyone else.  His books provide suspense, pathos and gobs of violence.  His world is pretty grim, but not hopeless.  Here, the main character is Michael, a mob hitman, who falls in love with Elena and tries to exit the life.  When the mob chieftain who okayed his departure dies, the new boss sends Michael's sadistic former instructor in the arts of enforcement to kill him and his pregnant lover.  On the run, Michael must return to North Carolina, where he was raised in the horrific Iron House orphanage, to ensure the safety of the younger brother who he both saved and abandoned.  It's a good book, easy to read in a day, but I question one of the underlying premises that killing people can leave one unscathed.

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