Friday, July 22, 2011

I Think I Love You, by Allison Pearson

A truly lovely book for anyone who has ever fancied him or herself in love with a pop star.  The first part of the book is told from the perspectives of Petra, a 13-year old Welch girl, who adores David Cassidy,  and Bill, a young writer for the Essential David Cassidy magazine, who writes columns and answers letters as David.  Petra's efforts to belong and her ill-fated trip to see Cassidy in person are both funny and a little heart-breaking.  Bill's worklife at the fan magazine and homelife pretending to be a serious music journalist are described with empathy and a bit of mockery.  The second part of the book takes place 20-some years later when Petra and her childhood friend Sharon are given the opportunity to meet David Cassidy in Las Vegas.  The audio version ended with Pearson reading an interview she conducted with David Cassidy prior to writing this book.  Pearson wrote I Don't Know How She Does It: A Comedy about Failure, a Tragedy about Success, which was also pretty wonderfulSian Thomas was a great reader.

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