Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kingdom of Lies, by N. Lee Wood

This is an interesting book with a whole lot going on.  Everybody has their secrets and their sorrows.  And there are a great many characters, both modern and historic.  I kind of liked the fact that there were two detectives trying to solve the mysteries on their own, neither trusting the other completely.  They interview the same set of characters, but are told different things, so their paths continue to diverge.  The crux of the Di Vinci Code-esque historic mystery is whether George III actually married Hannah Lightfoot, and whether they had legitimate children would might have been robbed of the English throne.  Solving the mystery (or seeking to prevent it from being solved), we have historians, a librarian, a drug company exec, a psychic, lots of coppers who aren't necessarily the good guys, and several mothers and their children.

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