Friday, July 12, 2013

Perfectly Matched, by Heather Webber

I really enjoy the way Webber puts a sentence together, but this book wasn't well done.  I missed the Valentine family and didn't feel the Diviner Whiners were an adequate substitute.  The leitmotiv of Lucy Valentine not being able to reach people by phone and getting frustrated and subsequently worried was repeated time after time, while at the same time Lucy was not answering or returning calls herself.  Was that intentional? Or just lazy writing. The whole book seemed slapdash, and I know Webber can do better.  The plot involves a serial arsonist burning down places where Lucy's boyfriend Sean's brother Sam had lived, members of a psychic school class trying to expand their powers, a missing child, an animal communicator, and a excessive bunch of people who seem like trouble but might not be.

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  1. Oh no! Not animal communication again. You know I still haven't gotten over that last one.