Saturday, March 9, 2013

Suspect, by Robert Crais

Scott James is an LAPD officer returning to the job eight months after he and his partner were gunned down while attempting to come the aid of several car crash victims.  He is still beleaguered with pain and the echoes of his dead partner's voice begging him not to leave her.  With his physical limitations putting his SWAT assignment off the table, he signs up for the K-9 squad.  He's paired with Maggie, a military-trained dog, who was badly wounded in Afghanistan in an attack which left her beloved master dead.  Over a three-week span, the two become pack and together track down the killers of James's partner. Crais's books are compulsively readable, and should probably come with a warning label about negative effects on sleep, punctuality, and social life.

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  1. Oh, please please please let this be the first book in a new series! I loved this book! More Scott and Maggie, please. What a good pack they make!