Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Good Death, by Christopher R. Cox

Sebastian Damon, a Boston PI, is handed an assignment that might just get his business into the black.  He's asked to verify the death in Thailand of a bank executive by the insurance company holding a policy on her life.  Something about the death by overdose of this Harvard-educated banker doesn't feel right to his boss, and Bass heads to Thailand to verify the facts surrounding her death. Cox spent twenty years in Southeast Asia as a newspaper journalist, and as he hopes, his background and first-hand knowledge of the region gives his story "verisimilitude"; at least his Thailand and Laos seemed real to me.  I like these characters and hope Cox brings Damon and his dad's friend Sam Honeyman back.

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  1. I liked this book, not so much as a mystery because I lost interest in finding Watts fairly early in the book, but because of its travelogue quality. It was like reading a travel guidebook to Bangkok and Laos crossed with an anthropology book about the people and culture of Southeast Asia. I also liked Seb and Honeyman and would like to read more about their adventures in this area of the world.