Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dust Angel, by Jutta Profijt

On one particularly bad day, Corinna lost her job, her boyfriend and her home.  With help from her grandmother and grandmother's best friend and a former co-worker, she manages to recreate herself as the owner of an exclusive housekeeping service for very discerning and demanding clientele.  When a body appears in the cutest client's freezer, the list of services provided by her new company expands in very unexpected ways.  Very, very clever and kind hearted.


  1. Ok, no scaring me like that. I saw "Corinna" and thought Kerry Greenwood -- and I just wasn't going to have any of that.

    Kind hearted, eh. Good. The world could do with some kind hearted.

  2. Maybe it was because I just finished a novel written by Ishiguro, but this book just couldn't hold my interest. The story was moving so slowly that after a while I just didn't care that she was driving around with a dead body in her car trunk. I put it down and tried several times to get back into the story, but with no success.