Monday, December 10, 2012

The Vanishing of Katharina Linden, by Helen Grant

Generally speaking, I'm not that fond of books about children at risk, and poor Pia Kolvenbach is both at physical risk and at risk of having her heart broken.  Because her German grandmother just happened to set herself on fire, Pia is something of a pariah in Bad MΓΌnstereifel.  Her only friend is another outcast, StinkStefan, and lucky for her he is a great friend -- brave, loyal and fun.  Young girls are disappearing in this small German town as it prepares for Christmas, and according to local gossips, it isn't the first time.  Pia and Stefan put themselves in danger trying to find out who is to blame.  The stress and divisions in the town are having a disastrous effect on the marriage of Pia's parents. There's some wry humor, but perhaps not quite enough.

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  1. Pia's voice seemed a bit more individual at the beginning of the novel than at the end and I enjoyed hearing her "talk." the book kept me turning pages although it seemed pretty clear who was abducting the children (maybe I read altogether too many mysteries!). Nice heart-racing spots at the end. I'd like to read the author's next book to see where she's going as a writer.