Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Sleeping and the Dead, by Jeff Crook

A strange book about a former police officer, with some serious drug issues, who is currently making a living taking (and selling on the side) crime scene photos.  That would probably be strange enough, but she also sees dead people, and a few of them are trying to make a point by any means necessary.  I liked her ghost buster buddies, and her NA sponsor, and her poor sad family.

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  1. I liked some of the descriptions and use of language, but didn't always understand or recognize the slang used. I think that the story could have stood alone as a mystery without the ghosts, and at times thought that the writer forgot about them, too, because things moved rather nicely for long stretches in the middle without them! Their presence was not as important as I thought they would be. For example, the Leica had color problems and worked best in infrared, sometimes turned on by itself and took pictures - a problem so well known that the camera expert suggested Jackie keep an extra battery handy. Who needs ghosts when you have a camera like that one!