Friday, July 13, 2012

Criminal, by Karin Slaughter

Fallen is a great book, every element a perfect gem.  Criminal blows Fallen out of the water.  Will Trent's psychopath father has been released from prison, and young women are once again turning up dead.  This books take place in two time frames:  in 1975 when Amanda Wagner and Evelyn Mitchell are investigating the disappearance, torture and murder of young women while trying to overcome the obstacles inherent in a racially divided, male-dominated, woman-officer-despising department; and in present day when Amanda is trying to keep Will Trent away from the investigation of his father's current activities.  It is fascinating to see where Amanda began, and how she became the force she is. Even though Slaughter is likely to have invented tortures for the Spanish Inquisition in a previous life, I love these books.

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