Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wildcat Play, by Helen Knode

Ann Whitehead takes a job working at a San Joaquin Valley oil drilling lease owned by an old family friend.  Mostly her job is cleaning the same floors and pieces of equipment over and over again -- to keep the mud and oil and mess from shutting everything down -- but she is loving the work and enjoying her co-workers until one of them ends up dead, struck in the head by a falling hammer.  As she starts investigating, she finds that nothing is quite what it seems.  Every bit of this book is well done: the information about oil drilling is fascinating, the characters and their interactions perfectly drawn, the  plotting completely believable, and the writing very fine.  I need to look up Ticket Out.

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  1. Good book. It made me want to read more about the history of oil drilling! Who'd a thunk that would ever happen? I was a bit concerned at first because I couldn't picture the oil rig, compartments and physical structure/levels clearly, but decided to just keep reading, figuring that things would fall into place and I could google pictures later for more detailed explanations.