Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Killing Winter, by Wayne Arthurson

Leo Deroches teetered on the brink of destruction throughout Fall from Grace, but in A Killing Winter, he falls and continues to fall to the end.  I don't have first-hand knowledge, but I think what Arthurson has to say about gambling addiction is true.  The book is also about native gangs, native politics, and tribal land development in Alberta.  It's hard to imagine Leo coming back for more self-abuse, but Arthurson calls it a series.  One can but hope.

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  1. Deroches has what my sister-in-law would call an addictive personality. All of his problems, from his various addictions to his experience being homeless, and the descriptions of what it is like to live those conditions just tore at me. This is a hard one to read because of this as the focus is on describing these problems vividly and not really on solving Marvin's murder. The only mystery here is how this man can survive and what kind of life he will have.