Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Man From Primrose Lane, by James Renner

I really wanted to like this book, but I couldn't.  The mystery-sci-fi-paranormal-horror combo was not my cup of tea, even though there were some interesting bits here and there (e.g., the young boy's Rube Goldberg machine, the Ballad of the Loveland Frog, and Elizabeth's games of gin rummy on Primrose Lane).  A man, whose true crime book about the apprentice of a serial killer has made him a lot of money and a lot of enemies in the police force, is happily raising his son, when he becomes obsessed with the murder of the man from Primrose Lane.  His life spirals out of control from there.


  1. Sorry, I couldn't finish this book. It started out great and I was very interested in the story and solving the mystery of the MFPL, but it started to get too bizarre, with scenes and conversations starting in one place/time with one person and ending in another with different players. I hope it's not due to his meds. I did like the listing of other books written by the author and the dedication. (What can I say? I stay to the end of movie credits and read the backs of cereal boxes,too.)


    1. Sorry, Cathy. I should have spared you.