Sunday, February 19, 2012

Third Grave Dead Ahead, by Darynda Jones

Jones is doing all the right things; she's introducing new characters and old characters in new realms; she's got a range of relationships in various states of well-being; and she runs multiple plot lines so the reader doesn't get weary of the glacial pace of the Reyes-Charley end of the universe story.  But somehow, I am running out of enthusiasm for the series.  Here she has to find a missing wife, must find Reyes's evil supposedly dead father, meets a nun who can eavesdrop on angel gossip, and gets a new guardian.  Makes me particularly impressed with Deborah Harkness's plan to construct her universe and tell her whole story in three books. Period.  Of course, in a year, when I see book four, I'll need to know what comes next.  Lorelei King is a good reader, enjoying herself.

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