Monday, January 30, 2012

The Chalk Girl, by Carol O'Connell

Reading an O'Connell book is an exquisite form of torture.  So much of the book hurt my heart to read:  the diary entries of the lost boy Ernest Nadler, Coco's efforts to win the love of Mallory, and Butler's failure to even hope that Mallory has any love in her and the acts of betrayal that grow out of his lack of faith.  But the twisty plot, the black humor, and Mallory's ruthless pursuit of truth and justice are as compelling as ever.  Is Mallory changing?  Will Charles's love without liking or knowledge of Mallory destroy them both?   Learning a bit about Williams Syndrome was a fascinating bit of icing. 

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  1. This is the first O'Connell book I've read, although she has been mentioned many times on the yearly DorothyL ten best mysteries list. Wow, what a ride this was! Great writing, great story and characters, and emotionally draining. Mallory is not the easiest character to like, or understand, but if anyone decided to off me, I'd like her to be the lead detective on my case (well, either her or Eve Dallas!). And I had to google Williams Syndrome to find more information about it.