Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Farewell, Miss Zukas, by Jo Dereske

Who knew there were twelve books in the Miss Zukas series?  I read several when the series began but stopped at some point.  I'm glad I read the final book in the series, getting to see Helma's edges soften but certainly not her mind.  I remember when Moonbeam was introduced as the new library director, and how over the top I thought she was.  Now years later, Moon tries to present an aura of transforming the library by simply changing the names of things and shows herself to have a self-interested, ethically hazy underside.  Miss Zukas continues to represent all that's good in seasoned librarians, but Dereske begins to  point to her background as the daughter of a Lithuanian immigrant as part of her stiffness and aloofness.  Dereske refuses to state explicitly what caused the robber's plunge from Aunt Em's window.

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