Monday, April 25, 2011

Library Journal May 2011 picks and winners

Perry, Thomas. Dead Aim.

Spencer-Fleming, Julia.  One Was a Soldier.
Winspear, Jacqueline.  A Lesson in Secrets.
Black, Benjamin. A Death in Summer.

Chandler, Jessie. Bingo Barge Murder.

Cotterill, Colin. Killed at the Whim of a Hat. (new series)

Disher, Garry.  Wyatt.
Gerst, Angela. A Crack in Everything. (Susan Callisto)

Hayes, J.M. English Lessons. (A Mad Dog and Englishman Mystery)

Hill, Reginald. The Woodcutter. (Standalone, due August)

Kelman, Stephen.  Pigeon English.
Kilmer, Nicholas. A Paradise for Fools.

Lawrence, Paul.  The Sweet Smell of Decay.
Lippman, Laura. The Most Dangerous Thing. (Standalone, due August)
McGrath, M. J. White Heat.

Ngugi, Mukoma w.  Nairobi Heat.
Perry, Thomas. The Informant. (A Butcher Boy Novel)

Smith, April. White Shotgun.

Todd, Charles.  A Bitter Truth (Bess Crawford, due September)

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