Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Hanging Wood, by Martin Edwards

I wish I liked this book better.  Edwards describes everything in great detail, even throwing in lines of descriptive prose in the midst of his characters' diaglogues, making it truly slow going.  Maybe because this is the fifth book in the series featuring historian Daniel Kind and cold case inspector Hannah Scarlett and I have missed all of the backstory, the ambiguous relationships between Hannah and the fleet of men in her life were fairly unsatisfying.  Daniel is doing research on the history of murder at a private library on the site of a holiday caravan site (gotta figure out what that is) and suggests that one of the library staff members, Orla Payne, contact Hannah about the 20 year old disappearance of her brother, Collum.  Lots of characters, but he makes it pretty easy to keep them separate, maybe because they are pretty one-dimensional.  Kit Payne is the ugliest man alive, Michael Hinds has anger management issues, Gareth Marsden is a race car driver...

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