Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Look Again, by Lisa Scottoline

This wasn't my favorite of Scottoline's books, but she creates a pretty high bar for her work. The story follows a single mother of an adopted son as she seeks to discover whether her son and the boy on the "Have you seen this child?" mailer are one and the same. The book generated enough suspense that I was compelled to find out how it ended so I could finish it in peace. Unfortunately in doing so I ran across one reader's pet language peeves (chirped the car open, fake-read) and another's quibles with the plot, so these things were foregrounded for me when ordinarily I might not have noticed. There were fewer humorous moments than I'm used to with Scottoline, and I grew a little weary of Ellen's perfection as a mom. Scottoline prides herself on getting the details right, and generally speaking she has every right to do so. Examples include flying from Pennsylvania snow to Florida warmth in the wrong clothes and the details on embalming a child and do-it-yourself DNA sampling.

Mary Stuart Masterson was an amazing reader!

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