Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Dead Lie Down, by Sophie Hannah

There's a good chance that you won't want to start reading the Sargeant Charlie Zailer/DC Simon Waterhouse books with this mystery. You can guess some things about their histories and relationship, but not quite enough. The only normal-ish characters in the book reside at the far outer periphery; the central characters are all on the strange to truly crazy continuum. This book mocks my impatience with tv cop shows when the witnesses not only all tell the truth, but are presumed to be telling the truth by the police. In this book no one tells the truth... to the police, their friends, employers, loved ones, themselves. So hard to fit the pieces of the puzzle together when all the information you file away as you read along turns out to be false. A little frustrating. I can't decide whether I want to read The Wrong Mother and/or Little Face or not. I would like to know what happened to Charlie and how Simon and Charlie's relationship developed.

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