Thursday, August 18, 2016

Murder at the 42nd Street Library, by Con Lehane

I was blaming myself for not liking this book and having trouble following its story line.  Then I read a review that called it a complete "mess" and gave concrete reasons to support that conclusion.  And the reviewer was right!  It did have a paragraph about the anticipated closing of a library collection that resonated deeply with me:  "He'd flight back, like Adele said, though the effort had a Spotted Elk at Wounded Knee feel to it.  Whatever the social or economic dynamics that brought about this age of expediency in which no one cared about the things he cared about, they were running at full throttle, hell-bent on destroying the library as he'd known it - not actually tearing it down to the ground brick by brick, but literally and figuratively ripping its guts out."

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