Monday, April 29, 2013

The Perfect Ghost, by Linda Barnes

Linda Barnes is definitely stepping out of her Carlotta Carlyle zone.  Here Em Moore, the invisible half of a team of ghostwriters of celebrity autobiographies, is trying to wrap up the book that she and her partner Teddy Blake started before his death in a car accident.  By successfully finishing the interviews and the book, she hopes to start her own solo career and find her uncomfortable way out of the comfortable shadows.  Em is more than a little pathetic, victim of an unhappy childhood and a tendency to fall in love with cads, but she manages to pull herself together enough to get the job done.

1 comment:

  1. Em IS the perfect ghost. Her withdrawn personality rendering her practically invisible to people, her profession as a ghost writer, her performance for the reader as untrustworthy as Hamlet's ghost. I tried to be tolerant of her quirks at the beginning, but ultimately she creeped me out. However, the story kept me reading far into the nights.