Saturday, March 9, 2013

Crossbones Yard, by Kate Rhodes

Alice Quentin is a psychologist, dealing with other people's problems more effectively than her own, which include a horrific childhood, an ice queen mother, a mentally disturbed brother, and a truckload of personal phobias.  She is brought in to consult with the police on the mutilation and murder of a prostitute -- a killing which mimics in certain ways the crimes of a pair of psychopaths already convicted and either dead or in prison.  More bodies follow, and the killer begins taking a way too personal interest in Alice and her nearest and dearest.  I'll be happy to see Alice, Lola, Will and DCI Burns again.

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  1. Good, fast read with an interesting story and characters with enough quirks to keep things lively. Alice and Will's childhood was so troubled that it's hard to believe they could approach normality in adulthood, or even become as close to each other as they are. It's a good thing they have a vibrant friend like Lola to lift the darkness of the story.