Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Shortest Way Home, by Juliette Fay

Twenty years before the story begins a family is torn apart by Huntington's.  A mother is killed in a particularly ugly manner by the disease, her husband abandons his family,  her cold and damaged sister is left to raise the couple's three children, and the children each deal with the specter of being felled by the disease in very different ways.  At the start of the book, 44-year old Sean is called home by his sister Dierdre to find his sister ready to do a runner, his nephew dealing bravely with a sensory integration disorder, and his rock-solid aunt losing it.  At 44, after spending his adult life as a nurse in war and disaster torn places, he's coming to the realization that he isn't likely to develop the symptoms of Huntington's and everything he predicated his life upon  is false. Home begins to have a whole new meaning.  I enjoyed every page of this tender, insightful, humorous book.

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