Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eyes of the Innocent, by Brad Parks

Carter Ross, investigative reporter for the Newark Eagle-Examiner, returns.  It's not quite as good as Faces of the Gone, but is still pretty fine.  Ross investigates a fire that kills two young boys, and soon finds that things are far from clear cut.  Ross is teamed with an intern (Lauren aka Sweet Thang aka Thang, Sweet) who embodies just about every newsroom stereotype you can imagine:  blessed with a publisher uncle, innocent yet sexy, with a crush on Ross, a tendency to trust everyone, and an ability to worm her way into the heart of every interviewee.  Happily, Tommy, the gay Cuban intern from Faces of the Gone, has been promoted from comic relief.  Parks thanks librarians in two paragraphs of his acknowledgements.  Gotta love him for that.

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