Thursday, December 22, 2011

Crying Out Loud, by Cath Staincliffe

I am so glad Severn House is releasing Stancliffe's books in the US as well as the UK.  The Sal Kilkenny series is wonderful, real and human, smart and well written.  Sal and her daughter Maddie share a house with Ray and his son Tom.  For most of the series, Sal and Ray were platonic co-parents, but recently they've become a couple with a lot of sexual heat between them.  I enjoyed the parts of the book about the two of them trying to negotiate this new territory as much as the mysteries, which were plenty good themselves.  Sal is hired by the lover of a murdered man to investigate whether the man in jail for the murder is actually guilty.  At the same time, a infant is left on Sal and Ray's doorstep with a note saying the mother will return, but not who she is.  An increasingly broody Sal decides to wait for the mother's return, though Ray wants her to turn the child over to the authorities and the newness of a baby in the house runs out for Maddie and Tom as well.  Love this series.

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