Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Three-Day Town, by Margaret Maron

I'll bet Maron has been asked for years what happened to Sigrid Harald.  She answers in this book that brings almost newlyweds Judge Deborah Knott and Deputy Dwight Bryant to New York City for a honeymoon of sorts.  Turns out Deborah and Sigrid are distant cousins, and Deborah is tasked with delivering a lewd and racist statuette to Sigrid.  When Phil the super is found dead in the apartment that Deborah and Dwight have been loaned, Sigrid sets about solving the crime.  I remember Sigrid, ice queen that she was, and she's changed quite a bit in the 3 (really?) years since her last appearance.  The narrative voice shifts from Deborah to Sigrid, and I loved the fact that Deborah didn't know what the police knew, and maintained several misapprehensions while the reader was in the know. 

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