Monday, June 13, 2011

Devil-Devil, by Graeme Kent

Set in the 1960's in the Solomon Islands, this book sets Ben Kella, a native of Malaita, and American-born Sister Conchita to solving quite a number of mysteries -- the death more than a decade ago of an Australian beach comber, the deaths of a grand-father and grandson, and the disappearance of an Amercian anthropologist.  The book is populated with bushmen, saltwater men, a headman, and a few more westerners.  Kella was born to be an aofia but raised in Western ways; Sister Conchita has a bit of Sound of Music in her.  Kent spent years working in the Soloman Islands, and I have no reason to mistrust him, but it's not a book that made me feel that I'd learned some true things about the Solomon Islands pre-independence.

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