Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Old Chaos, by Sheila Simonson

The second in the Latouche County series, featuring librarian Meg McLean and sheriff's investigator Rob Neill.  McLean didn't have much of a part in this one, other than fixing food and being annoyed at being shut out of Neill's investigation. The mystery involves the suppression of a land survey that showed the potential for landslides in a development site, and the aftermath of the deadly landslide.  There were small interesting bits, like the politics in the library, the tensions in the Neill/O'Neill family, the unanswered questions about the impact that losing an eye and cheekbone would have on a beautiful nurse.  The pace was casual rather than slow, the revealing of clues steady rather than twisty.  I'm not sure Simonson will return to the series; she doesn't seem to put her heart into it. 

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