Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Paramour's Daughter, by Wendy Hornsby

The plot has a retro feel to it.  Maggie McGowen finds out that she was given up by French birth mother, Isabelle Martin, to be raised by her mother's lover and his wife, people Maggie had always believed to be her parents.  Lickety-split, birth mother Isabelle is killed, and Maggie flies to Normandie to deliver her mother's ashes to her mother, Elodie, for burial.  In France, she meets such a large complicated extended family that I had to draw a diagram in order to figure out who was who.  There are attacks during thunderstorms, menacing cars trying to run Maggie off the road, and shady business deals.  I liked the parts about making cheese, Camembert, yummmm.

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