Saturday, March 12, 2011

Knife Music, by David Carnoy

Medical mysteries are a very particular subgenre. The writing is jarringly plain.  The plot is sort of interesting:  a trauma surgeon and "accidental womanizer" is accused of statutory rape and manslaughter, when a young woman claims in her journal that she had consensual sex with him and then kills herself. He is hunted by a Javert-esque policeman, who was molested by a doctor as a boy while under treatment for a condition that left him with one leg shorter than the other.  Stanford frat boys are not portrayed with favor.  I'd like to check out the songs that the suicidal teen put on her play list for Knife Music 2:
Split Screen Sadness -- John Mayer
Blame it on the Tetons -- Modest Mouse
All Apologies -- Sinead O'Connor
Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl -- Broken Social Scene
Open Your Eyes -- Snow Patrol
Honestly -- Zwan
Maps -- Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Kiss Me Deadly -- Lita Ford
Believe Me Natalie -- The Killers
We Will Become Silhouettes -- The Postal Service
Float On -- Modest Mouse
Can We Still Be Friends -- Todd Rundgren

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