Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Crimson Rooms, by Katharine McMahon

An interesting book, set in England shortly after the first world war,  full of fascinating characters.  Evelyn Gifford, a woman lawyer when such a thing was unheard of, deals with two cases:  a mother who has lost her children and is fighting to get them back before they are sent to Canada by the foundling home where she left them, and a former soldier who is accused of having killed his young bride.  Meredith, mother of Edmund, son of Evelyn's brother, is a complicated gal.  Evelyn's mother and aunt are part of a generation hoping the freeze the world pre-war.  The other players in the legal setting are interesting, too:  Breen, who makes me hope for a series, Nicholas Thorne, the love interest, Wolf the lazy bum, and the judges who hate women lawyers.  Sadly, the book was slow moving to a painful extent.

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